Monday, April 10, 2006

April 10 Update

Hello Everyone,

I have made it back to Kelowna safely. Chrissy picked me up from Vancouver airport. Just Chrissy, the Kids stayed in Kelowna or up at my home ski hill. Chrissy and I had a weekend in Vancouver just the 2 of us.

I am in Kelowna now. I am so happy to see my girls!!! I have a little time off before I start my cabinetry installs. I will prepare this week. Prepare my tools and do many other things that have been neglected.

I do plan to do a little skiing before the upcoming weekend. My whole family planning to come up to the ski hill to stay at my moms place. I think 16 of us or so.

I feel we all had a great year in many different areas. Great job you guys! Great results from races, improvements in training, basic skill, skiing more aggressive line, race preparation and so on.

I know we can all do more to improve in many areas though and in my next blog I will show you some different ones.

Bye for now!

All the Best


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