Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Last wall tear down!

Well we packed away all of our things in the last walls cabinets. As well as teared it down. Also took another load of wood to the city dump. For the same cost as yesterday. $6! We have My trailer filled again with the dry wall from the old walls. We will have to dump that tomorrow.

I am helping Chriss'y dad with a kitchen he is working on in Oyama. Oyama is a town name North of Kelowna. 30 minutes from my house.

Another update is that I have continued weight training around 5 times per week. I am feeling very good. I am working out before I start work. Around 6 to 7 am is when I start. It is hard to do sometimes, but I feel good after I finish. My back is still feeling good. The weight training has helped it a lot.

Bye for now.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Wall tear down!


We did more tear down work today. The wall closest to our dinning room. The dinning , kitchen area is looking so big now. We plan to do the last wall tomorrow. We have to pack many things from the old cabinets.

Also took the old carpet to the city dump. It did cost only $6. I hope to take a few pictures there next time.

More later.


Sunday, April 25, 2010


Upper floor renewal

Hi all!

I arrived home from the coaching seminar and Chrissy gave me a surprise. Her dad and her took the first wall down of 3. We are in a house that as built in 1980. The design then was to have the kitchen closed off from the rest of the house. We are taking the 3 walls down to open the kitchen completely up to the living room and dinning room. They call that a "Great room" concept. I bought new hard wood flooring 2 years ago and this year Chrissy's dad will build our kitchen cabinets.

Today we took the old carpet out. It was so disgusting! We looked at the back of the carpet after we removed it and saw many , many old stains, mold, and dirt! Vacuuming did not pick up the deep down dirt. We removed the old staples , nails and cleaned the plywood thoroughly!

I loaded my truck and trailer with all of the all carpet and underlay. When I take it to Kelowna's city dump it will only cost me $6 to dump it. I wonder how much it would be in Japan?

Bye for now.

More later.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Pictures

Last Day of the Coaching Summit

Hello Everyone,

I am back in Kelowna now. My trip to Nakiska was a good one. On the Last Day I was in the GS group. The things the National team coaches were teaching us was the same as we have been working on. The Basics! A solid and quick balance change, separation between the upper and lower body, and moving towards the next turn with our energy. They did not really talk about looking ahead, but that is a must to be able to see the line ahead of us.

We also talked about knee injuries. ACL tears. The worst case about the ACL tears is that they are missed sometimes. It is very important to fix the Ligament before cartilage damage is done. The injury happens usually while trying to recover from sitting back, or from a very, quick twisting movement inside. Both are recovery moves. The twisting move inside is from a late hit of pressure after the fall line. The best injury prevention seems to be if we can stay balanced in the middle and to stay on line. Look ahead. If you tear the ACL you usually hear or feel a pop. There is little swelling, and difficult to straighten the leg. The outside back of the knee is the sore point.

Mark Sharpe , and other Coaches from the World DVD's were there. They are in some of the pictures.

They stressed that all should work of course on ski technique and body power, but also on being simply athletic. Able to move and adapt on demand and to any condition.

I am very passionate about mental training as well. I have been working on a Mental imagery audio session. I hope to share it with more of you next season.

Bye for now.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nakiska coaching Summit


I am at Nakiska now. Most of the Head coaches from all of Canada are here, along with the National Head coaches. From Both Men and Women sides.

This is the first year we have had it on snow. It has been great to see many of my old friends from when I ski raced. Yes, Many are coaches now.

Every day we go to a different Discipline. My first day was SL and today we Super G and DH. The main topic has been stick to the basics. When training the different events, break the training runs up into specific focus areas. For example in SL combination's( Hair pins and Flushes only ) Corridors with different off sets and distances. The way we are training now. Same for DH. Jumping station, open turns, gilding on a flat ski, starts and so on.

We also have afternoon meetings talking about safety and injury prevention. Today I am not sure.

We have had great sunny hot days and great spring skiing.

I will update again soon.

Bye for now.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Coaching Summit at Nakiska Ski Resort


Life here is back to the norm. It has finally started to warm up. We finally hit 20 degrees C last week.

I did do some skiing with My family before it warmed up. The local ski hill closed last weekend.

I will leave tomorrow for the annual coaching Summit put on by the CSCF. I will go with some friends from Kelowna. Both are coaches for the Kelowna Ski Club. It will be a fun trip. It lasts for 3 days. We will make groups. Each group will have one day in SL, GS, and Speed. The Canadian National ski team coaches will lead it, along with the CSCF. This is the first time on snow. We usually just have meetings inside. I will update my Blog during the Summit.

Enjoy your spring season! Relax and have some refresh time after your ski season. BUT I really hope more of you will push your selves to increase your Body strength and power over the off season. In all areas Legs, core and upper body. Why? Lets go it more detail when I return from Nakiska.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, April 08, 2010


Hello everyone!

I have settled back here in Canada.

It is still cool here. Fresh snow today in the hills. In fact Makaiya and I are going skiing on Saturday. Still too cold for golf. I have been practicing. Feels good!

I was in a Oriental store the other day and found my favorite breakfast food. Nato! It tasted good! It is frozen but the taste was fine. Yeah! Nato all year. Chrissy Thinks I'm crazy.

Bye for now.