Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Last wall tear down!

Well we packed away all of our things in the last walls cabinets. As well as teared it down. Also took another load of wood to the city dump. For the same cost as yesterday. $6! We have My trailer filled again with the dry wall from the old walls. We will have to dump that tomorrow.

I am helping Chriss'y dad with a kitchen he is working on in Oyama. Oyama is a town name North of Kelowna. 30 minutes from my house.

Another update is that I have continued weight training around 5 times per week. I am feeling very good. I am working out before I start work. Around 6 to 7 am is when I start. It is hard to do sometimes, but I feel good after I finish. My back is still feeling good. The weight training has helped it a lot.

Bye for now.


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