Saturday, April 17, 2010

Coaching Summit at Nakiska Ski Resort


Life here is back to the norm. It has finally started to warm up. We finally hit 20 degrees C last week.

I did do some skiing with My family before it warmed up. The local ski hill closed last weekend.

I will leave tomorrow for the annual coaching Summit put on by the CSCF. I will go with some friends from Kelowna. Both are coaches for the Kelowna Ski Club. It will be a fun trip. It lasts for 3 days. We will make groups. Each group will have one day in SL, GS, and Speed. The Canadian National ski team coaches will lead it, along with the CSCF. This is the first time on snow. We usually just have meetings inside. I will update my Blog during the Summit.

Enjoy your spring season! Relax and have some refresh time after your ski season. BUT I really hope more of you will push your selves to increase your Body strength and power over the off season. In all areas Legs, core and upper body. Why? Lets go it more detail when I return from Nakiska.

Have a great weekend!


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