Sunday, April 25, 2010

Upper floor renewal

Hi all!

I arrived home from the coaching seminar and Chrissy gave me a surprise. Her dad and her took the first wall down of 3. We are in a house that as built in 1980. The design then was to have the kitchen closed off from the rest of the house. We are taking the 3 walls down to open the kitchen completely up to the living room and dinning room. They call that a "Great room" concept. I bought new hard wood flooring 2 years ago and this year Chrissy's dad will build our kitchen cabinets.

Today we took the old carpet out. It was so disgusting! We looked at the back of the carpet after we removed it and saw many , many old stains, mold, and dirt! Vacuuming did not pick up the deep down dirt. We removed the old staples , nails and cleaned the plywood thoroughly!

I loaded my truck and trailer with all of the all carpet and underlay. When I take it to Kelowna's city dump it will only cost me $6 to dump it. I wonder how much it would be in Japan?

Bye for now.

More later.


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