Monday, April 29, 2013

Golf membership for Makaiya

Makaiya is a member of the Kelowna Golf and Country Cub! The Club is very supportive of the junior program! And very affordable! 30,000yen for the year! She played her first 9 holes today! Kind of cool though!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Canada music and History

Makaiya Performed in a musical based on Canadian history and folk songs! It was very well done! It was performed along side the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra. We are very proud of all the kids, musicians, teachers ,and the people that make Canada what it is!

Hi from Doug

Hi everyone, I am settled in to my life here. Chrissy and Makaiya are also home from France. They had a very nice time there! Both were very happy yet sad to come home. They both of course miss Tajanna, Seb, and the new baby, Zion! I am organizing a summer camp. At Mt. Hood, Oregon, USA, 2 weeks in length, Focus will be on building basic ski racing skills, and improving overall body speed and strength. Now is the time to improve in That area. The stronger and faster you are the better chance you have to ski fast! You can do many workouts in your own house! Do your best! Good Luck! Doug

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First week in Canada

Hello all! It has been a smooth move back to Canada. Even my jet lag was not so bad. Always many things to do when I return home of course. Chrissy and Makaiya are in France so I came home to an empty house. Super lonely!!!!!! Just Izzy and me! I will write more about Chrissy and Makaiya next time. The weather here has been cool! Too bad. I was hoping to play golf! Well I did play. First game was a 81. Not bad for the first round of the year. Also went to my moms house. She lives at the local ski area, Big White ski Resort! Still cold and snowy up there. Lots of other work around the house and preparation for my Canada life. Most is completed now! Nice. Also, looking into details for the summer camp in Oregon. Time for winter preparation for all of you. The stronger and quicker you are, the better chance you have to ski fast! Work it! Bye for now. Doug

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Doug's return to Canada

End of the season for me in Japan. It is always a emotional time for me. I am excited to return home to see my family and Canadaian friends, but sad to leave my friends and family in Japan. It is an amazing feeling! I am so fortunate be be able to feel this though. It is a special oppertunity! Thank you, all of you! It was a excellent season in many ways! I am very happy with the style we have trained the past 2 years. Basic skill drills followed by regular gate training. Racers are able to focus on specific movements and repeat them at certain locations leading up to the course. Very efficient! I feel because of the basic drills many of you have increased your level of skiing emmensly! I know some of you want to start from the very top of the race hill though. We will do that at certain times only. Other great point are the great personal best race results I have heard about! I am so proud of all of you for your efforts! Super!!! Special Thanks to Ono San, the Takasawa family, Hotel Zonntaggu, Tsubakuro / Omatsu yama, our sponsors, Takumi, my Japanese family. I guess, ALL OF YOU!!!!! I am so gratefull!!!!! Bye for now!! The photo of the Japanese family are my relatives in Saitama! The Gai jins are of my brothers kids and my mom!