Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hi all!

Happy Halloween! Makaiya is out trick or treating now with Chrissy, Tajanna and some other friends. Free candy yum!

Makaiya dressed up as a Masquerade, ghost, princess ! Chrissy did a great job dressing here up.

She also got way too much candy!

Bye for now.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More at home work outs!

Hi again,

Getting closer to the season so it is good to do sport specific training. It is good to train your Anaerobic lactic muscle system. That is a work out in duration from 45 to 120 seconds, 3 times per week. Kind of like the length of a ski race. You could do 400m to 600m sprints. 3 to 5 sets. A good way to do it is always warm up jog and stretch first. Have a light sweat going. Then sprint one lap walk a lap to recover and repeat.

Another is try M 100's a great work out in your house again while watching tv. If you have the room to move safely that is. I tried them. Good wok out!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Pulse ups 25 reps.

Back arches 25 reps.

Legs in and out 25 reps.

More !

Hips Roll and up 25 reps.

Scissor legs slowly 25 reps.

Side plank up and down both sides 25 reps.

Core work out pictures

Hi all,

Here area few core exercises I do. Usually while we are watching tv in the evening. It is important to do both sides of your core, stomach and back. Core is something you can train every day or every night. The reps you do will depend on your strength. Do at least 6 sets. More if possible. Push your self!

I do a plank on a wobble board first for 2 minutes to warm up my core.

Twisting side plank 25 reps each side.

Frog crunches 25.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

At home work outs


To find time to work out is challenging when we have our normal career. I some times do a work out in the am before work. Which includes interval running. ( a 40 minute run. 15 minutes slowly increasing intensity as my body warms up. I then run at 80% of full speed for One and a half minutes to two minutes. Jog till my heart rate drops then 80% again and alternate.

Another good time is after dinner. I do a core work out. I will share photos of what I do next time.

Bye for now.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Golf Frustration


I would like to continue to share my progression in my pursuit of excellence in golf. I have been still practicing fairly often. Played 2 times recently. The first game was with an old ski racing friend of mine. I really wanted to score well and beat him. I ended up trying too hard and not swinging with lag from my shoulders and wrists. I released the club too quickly. I had a really bad game and shot a 90. My worst score of the season!! I was so down because I have been practicing so much. My focus was on the wrong thing though. Just like ski racing I need to focus on my own performance and not worry about my friend or other golfers or racers.

I played this afternoon and thought about a good pre hit set up, and a simple image of my shoulders, arms and wrists being rubbery or like loose hinges. ( so I would have more lag) The image and setup worked well. Solid shots all afternoon. Shot a 76! Best score of the season. I will try the same image when I play with better players. Mental preparation is key in any sport. The more preparation in as many areas as possible is key!!

Push to get strong for the up coming ski season!!!!! Running 800m sprints 6 sets things like that will jump start you.

Bye for now.