Monday, February 23, 2009

Winter is back!

Hi every one!

Yes, it is true. Winter is back1 It was a little scary 2 week ends ago. Rain and melting snow. But since then it has been cloudy, and snowy. Heavy snow, but that makes a great base.

Chrissy and Makaiya are happy to be here! I am too! They are enjoying meeting all of you!

Ono and I are very excited to see many of you focusing intensely on you training! Many of you skiing at new personal bests! It is our goal to do exactly that! Keep up the great work! See you soon.


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Feb, 5 Update


I hope you are all doing well and are feeling confident with your skiing!

We have been working on line alot lately. The biggest point is that we have enough room to carve the turn above the gate. And pressuring the ski down the fall line. We need a round shape before the gate. Of course we are not just looking gate to gate. We must be looking the fall line looking at the terrain ahead of us and the up coming gates .

I hope to see you soon!


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Feb, 3 Update

Hi Everyone!

Well, I must say Hisashiburi!! Sorry for the long span between Blogs.

It has been a good season so far. I am very impressed with results that I have heard about. Great Job! I do have high expectations for us and I will continue to strive for excellence!

Chrissy and Makaiya are here and we are all very happy to be together again. They both love Japan.

Tonight we took part in Setsu Bun ! I was the Oni! I hid in the corner and surprised everyone! Then they got me with pea nuts!

Snow has been good this week. It is very icy now and is smooth again1 Much Better than the weekend. The weather has been nice too! Not like the week end.

Bye for now.