Saturday, March 28, 2009

Accel Party


It was a fun party! I wish everyone could come! Here are a few pictures from it.

The conditions for skiing are very good right now. It is cold and the snow is hard!

Thank you all for a great season! I appreciate all of you! I commit myself to helping all of you move towards excellence in ski racing! Muteki!

Bye for now.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hot spring day in Sugadaira

Hello Every one!!

What a hot day today. Great Spring weather for GS training. We were on #5 today. It was soft snow on the top, but icy underneath it.

Kasumi Ito raced in the Japan Cup this past weekend. She was 7 th in GS and 11 th in the combi race. The best boys and girls in Japan were there trying to qualify to go to Canada for the Whistler Cup. A world wide race. One of the top 10 racers in her age in Japan. Great Job!!!!! I watched her do her personal best skiing at a camp before her race. We will just keep building from there! As I have seen with many of you this season. We will just keep reaching for new personal bests continually!!

I love coaching here because so many of you are motivated to push yourselves for Excellence!

I hope to see you soon and finish the season strong!

Bye for now.


Picture is of a future racer?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rossi Race


This past weekend was a fun one! Different from our normal schedule. I enjoyed watching some compete in the Rossignol race. We had some winners, but I believe I saw many ski new personal bests! Great Job! Thanks to Matsura San and Iwaya San for putting on a great event! And of course all of the support staff.

Chrissy and Natsumi were gate keepers for a race today. A first time experience for Chrissy. She did great! Had to write down a few DQ's. She burnt her face in the process. She looks cute. Kind of like a raccoon! Hee Hee! I hope she does not read my blog!!!

By for now.

Still great snow here in Sugadaira! Come join us!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunny Monday!

Looks good out there today! Sunny and clear. Icy too!

We have close to 10 racers today training. The Tea Clipper guys and season members. We are training GS /SL. Should be a good day.

Makaiya is going to join us today. First time out without Chrissy.

The past weekend was good. Some new guests came which is great to see! Focused on Line, timing, and a smooth balance change. Hmmmmmmm.... pretty much every thing! That is the key for fast skiing, they all go together.

The pictures were from the other days girls day party.

Bye for now


Thursday, March 05, 2009

March weather

Hello every one!

What a day it was here today! Very wet! I was surprised that 3 people wanted to ski SL in such conditions. We were all soaked after but it was a great experience. I love winning over challenging situation. It helps toughen us up! All 3 skiers really focused and were able to reach their goal for the day! Nice job!

Some news from the family side. Chrissy , Makaiya, and myself went to one of Makaiya's friends house. It was to celebrate girls day on March 3rd. That was a first time experience for me. It was fun! We had sushi for dinner and cake for desert ! Happy Girls day to all of you beautiful girls out there!

Pictures later!

Bye for now.