Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hot spring day in Sugadaira

Hello Every one!!

What a hot day today. Great Spring weather for GS training. We were on #5 today. It was soft snow on the top, but icy underneath it.

Kasumi Ito raced in the Japan Cup this past weekend. She was 7 th in GS and 11 th in the combi race. The best boys and girls in Japan were there trying to qualify to go to Canada for the Whistler Cup. A world wide race. One of the top 10 racers in her age in Japan. Great Job!!!!! I watched her do her personal best skiing at a camp before her race. We will just keep building from there! As I have seen with many of you this season. We will just keep reaching for new personal bests continually!!

I love coaching here because so many of you are motivated to push yourselves for Excellence!

I hope to see you soon and finish the season strong!

Bye for now.


Picture is of a future racer?

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