Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sept, 24 update


So here is a picture of Makaiya and Taya. Taya is my brothers little girl. The grass that I planted has come in nicely.

It sure is cooling own here.

Last night we had a dessert party for Tajanna and Sebastien! Family and friends came. The kids loved it.

We are leaving tomorrow for Vancouver. They leave for France next week. They want to spend a few days sight seeing.

I have been busy doing some very big homes. Installing the cabinets for them that is. Not much time for play. Not much time for anything. To be honest I have not had alot of time put towards excercise. I really need to organize my life so I can do that.

Well, bye for now.

More soon!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Sept, 15 Update

Good morning,

We have had some great weather recently! Nice clear day days.

Since Makaiya started school she has also started gymnastics. Kelowna has a club so they are very organized and do a great job with he kids. I they just got a Japanese coach recently which they are excited about. Not sure what his name is .

Bye for now.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sept , 13 Update


It has been an exciting weekend! Chrissy has joined a dragon boat racing team this summer. They practiced once a week. There are 20 members on a team. 18 row , one steers and one calls and sets the rhythm. Any way this weekend is the race. Chrissy has had so much fun competing in a team sport. It was very thrilling for her. They placed fairly fast today so they are in the top group tomorrow. Last night we went to a concert for the teams. It was fun. Yes, I had a few beers! Almost too many. Chrissy said I was a little bit on the crazy side! HA HA!! Must break loose sometimes.

Enjoy the pictures!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sept, 10 Update


So I went to the Kelowna city dump yesterday and stepped on a nail that went right in my foot. It bleed very much. I went to a clinic and the doctor saw it was already infected. he then sent me to emergency at the hospital. They ended up giving me IV antibiotics and painkillers. I had to return tonight for another IV. My foot is better today so they are putting me on oral antibiodics. It is still a little soar but hopefully it heels fast.

Bye for now.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sept ,7 Update


It was a great day! Played golf at 7:10 am. I did play to my planned game plan. I struck the ball very well. I felt very relaxed with most shots and trusted my swing. On some shots I did try to swing a little hard and that is when I miss hit shots. Again trying to hard to hit the ball with more power. My short fall was definitely my putting. I did not have a very good feel for speed. So I ended up shooting a 90 again. I had 10 3 putts. That really stank!

After golf, Chrissy , Makaiya, Tajanna, and Sabastien went up to Big White. That is the ski hill where my mom lives. I made some counter tops for a friend of Chrissy's who is renewing her condo. I installed them , we went for a hike, and had dinner after.

Bye for now.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sept, 6 Update

Hello Everyone,

So today I picked up my new Dell XPS note book. Finally. Last ski season I had a Dell Latitude that broke part way through the season. Well finally Dell came htrough and replaced. With 3 year World wide warranty. That will be nice to have while I am Japan.

I am playing golf tomorrow at the the Okanagan club on the Quail course. Yes, this is the game I bought for $ 9.30 per person, with a cart. It was a misprint, but the golf course honoured the price. So I have been practising golf this summer and have improved my game. What I feel is important in improved performance is trusting your technique and play relaxed. If I try too hard to make a shot I feel tight and often miss the shot. If I feel relaxed and loose I often make the shot I visualize. My goal tomorrow is to play loose and let the shot I see happen without trying too hard and feeling tight. I will let you know how it goes. Last week I shot a 89. Not quite what I wanted.

Bye for now.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sept, 2 Update

Hi everyone,

Well, I played golf on Sunday and Monday for free!!!!! It was great! I did not play that well but made some good shots. Shot 90 on Sunday. 89 on Monday. Like I said not so good. This Sunday I also got a cheap rate. Yes, $9.70 per person. Nice!

The weather is starting to get cool here. In the evening getting down to around 2 degrees C. I feel this is going to be a good season for early snow! That is my dream anyway!

I am working on a huge house now. I will probably be working on this one all week.

Tajanna's boy friend is staying with us now. He had to move out of his place so we invited him to stay with us. They are leaving for Norway at the beginning of October. Tajanna is excited.

More soon.