Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sept, 2 Update

Hi everyone,

Well, I played golf on Sunday and Monday for free!!!!! It was great! I did not play that well but made some good shots. Shot 90 on Sunday. 89 on Monday. Like I said not so good. This Sunday I also got a cheap rate. Yes, $9.70 per person. Nice!

The weather is starting to get cool here. In the evening getting down to around 2 degrees C. I feel this is going to be a good season for early snow! That is my dream anyway!

I am working on a huge house now. I will probably be working on this one all week.

Tajanna's boy friend is staying with us now. He had to move out of his place so we invited him to stay with us. They are leaving for Norway at the beginning of October. Tajanna is excited.

More soon.


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