Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sept, 6 Update

Hello Everyone,

So today I picked up my new Dell XPS note book. Finally. Last ski season I had a Dell Latitude that broke part way through the season. Well finally Dell came htrough and replaced. With 3 year World wide warranty. That will be nice to have while I am Japan.

I am playing golf tomorrow at the the Okanagan club on the Quail course. Yes, this is the game I bought for $ 9.30 per person, with a cart. It was a misprint, but the golf course honoured the price. So I have been practising golf this summer and have improved my game. What I feel is important in improved performance is trusting your technique and play relaxed. If I try too hard to make a shot I feel tight and often miss the shot. If I feel relaxed and loose I often make the shot I visualize. My goal tomorrow is to play loose and let the shot I see happen without trying too hard and feeling tight. I will let you know how it goes. Last week I shot a 89. Not quite what I wanted.

Bye for now.


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