Monday, May 24, 2010

Preparation takes time and patience

Hi !

We are doing well with our house renewal. It is amazing how similar preparation is with our house renewal and ski racing. The better the preparation the better the finished product and better the finish in racing. I spent a lot of time leveling the floor, preparing the ceiling for the finish spray and so on. The preparation needed time, patience, planning, timing, and plan old hard work.

Now ski racing needs the same preparation! Endurance, Strength and power from our body's. That takes time, and effort. I have still been working out at home. Lifting weights. Full body work outs. legs , core (stomach and back), and upper body. My vision is that more of you do the same! If you can do that the better chance for even better results. As well as a better chance for a longer, healthier life! My work outs take 45 to 30 minutes. As I said I do them all at home. I did have to buy dumb bell weights.

This site has very compact system. They may be found on auctions and I did see them at Costco in Kelowna. They may have them at the Costco in Japan?

These sites are DVD sets that are very good. I use the Chalean Extreme DVD set.

Bye for now. Please check them out! And do your best to prepare!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Ceiling repair

Hi every one,

Another step toward our house renewal was achieved today. We had to put new dry wall up on the ceiling where we took the old parts out. The old ceiling had a textured spray on it. The Challenge was to add to the new one , but at the same time match to the old! That was a concern for me since the original ceiling was done 30 years ago. Today we did our best and matched it!!!!! I am thrilled! Chrissy will will paint the walls next. I will start building the kitchen cabinets.

The last time I played golf I shot 77. The time before that 80. I feel like I have a better understanding of how to play and swing. My handy cap is 8 now. My goal is to be 0 though.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

House renewal update


It has been very busy here in Kelowna. I have been leveling our floor in the Kitchen, dinning , and living room. It was very out of level. We are putting hard wood flooring in so the sub floor must be very level.

The weather is finally warming up. We have officially temperatures in the 20's. I have not golfed much. I am playing tomorrow though. And maybe Ssaturday. I will let you know how I shoot.

I am still working out in the mornings. Hard to do while I am working. I get up early and do it before Chrissy or Makaiya wake up. I do feel strong and my lower back is also pain free. Anyway, Do your best to improve your body strength.

Bye for now.


Sunday, May 02, 2010

Back Yard

Hi all!

We have been busy working on our house inside and out. Here are some pictures of the back yard. We have been pulling weeds and working on greening up the lawn. Nice blossoms on one of the trees.

I played golf on Saturday. Shot 90. Not very good but I did enjoy myself. PLayed with some of my dad's friends.

Bye for now.