Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coaching Summit Update

Hi again,

Just finished a meeting with some of the FIS guys. This is kind of old news. The new starting age for FIS is 16.

Ages will be broken down from U21, U18, U16, U14, U12, U10. Starting in the 2012, 2013 season.

Some other topics were the importance of being physically strong in ski racing. The stronger you are the better chance you have to win. The hardest part of ski racing is the preparation in the off season. Building endurance, agility, power, strength, flexibility, and general athleticism. For the National women team, that is their main focus. The other European nations are bigger and stronger. I feel in any level that is a easy way to give your self a better chance for new personal bests!

Mental toughness is of course a vital part of your preparation. What is it? How much pain you can stand? How much you can lift? Real mental toughness is being able to follow you race plan, your training plan fully. Focus on every step and actually be fully there for each part. Meaning do not think ahead , or back. Believing in your self, your preparation. How to visualize, Set daily goals, season, 3 year 5 year, emotional control, Positive self talk, breathing, keeping a journal, and the list goes on. Top athletes in any sport are prepared in every way!

More tomorrow!


Hi From Nakaika Coaching Summit

Hi All,

I am in Nakiska , Alberta right now attending the annual national coaching summit. It is a three day seminar. On Snow and class room. Skiing in the morning and indoor during the afternoon.

Yesterday I was in the GS group. The leader of the group was Jim Pollock. He is the Head coach for the Canadian National team. Topics we talked about were course setting, line and technique. What distance they were setting 22 to 28m.

Line was a gray zone. Depending on Technique and quickness of movements. For each individual, look to move from Arc to arc to arc. The first arcs direction is dictated from the 3rd arc down the hill. Look ahead and link powerful arcs together, with no waiting between arcs(turns).

Technique, No changes really. Move from Ski to ski balanced and stacked. No, two leg pressure! Outside ski only. From Ski to ski no lose of contact on the snow. Be in a balanced position to power the ski.

Today was Super G and speed.

Always set for safety.

Keep contact on the snow and use the terrain for speed and to work on the down side. Stay in a tuck and if you open up stay in the most aerodynamic position possible. Keep your upper body low and absorb with your legs.

look for terrain changes and turns over terrain changes.

How to handle jumps. Ride over jumps with no move. Ride over jumps by pre jumping. Ride over jumps by popping it (Or springing at the lip of the jump).

More later.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ito Karesansui garden

Hi Everyone,

I Have heard many updates about the on going recovery issues, in Japan, from Ono San! I Hope you are all ok!

On a lighter topic. I have been working on a Land scape project in my front yard. There was an unfinished slope on one side of my house. I made a series of nature rock walls and put a Karesansui style garden in the middle of it. I used some rocks from my O Gi Chans garden, and I found some in the forest close to Kelowna. It was a lot of work with very heavy lifting. We are very happy with it now and many people walking by have given us nice comments. Do you like it?

Bye for now.


Saturday, April 02, 2011

Makaiya and more fund raising

Hello all!

Just to update Makaiya's fund raising. She has changed her fund raising by selling cookies. Chrissy and her made them. She has been going to businesses and asked if she could sell them there. She has made $100 to date. We are very proud of her effort.

Bye for now.