Sunday, August 26, 2007

August, 26 Update

Hello everyone!

Well, this past weekend was a busy one. We celebrated my 40th Birthday one Friday night! Since I was born in 1967 we had that years wear as a theme! It was fun. Many old skiing friends and others were there.

Makaiya and I went to one of those guys homes today to see his Parrot. They live for 40 years I was told. His name is Milo. Usually it does not go to new people but it sure liked Makaiya.

Enjoy the pictures.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

More pictures

August 19 Update

Hello again,

Yes, it was a busy weekend. Chrissy , Makaiya and I went to a birthday party on a house boat. It was for a friend of Chrissy's at work. Actually her friends husband. he turned 6o! it was fun we drank, talked and danced on the boat till around 10 pm. Makaiya danced with us too!

Bye for now.

Oh, the other photo's are of the new 5 lane bridge being built over Okanagan lake. The old bridge is only three lanes and the traffic is always backed up on it. It will still be another year before it is ready though.


August, 19 Update


So this was a renovation kitchen I did. Used homes are always hard to do. It did turn out well though.

We also went camping this past weekend. The other picture is of as tractor ride at the camp ground. It was fun. it did rain on us though.

Bye for now.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 15 Update

Hello Everyone,

So I did a work out last Friday. A leg work out. I did just a quick stretch after. My legs felt a little stiff the next day. Then the day after I woke up and my back was very soar. It has been bad all week. Everyday it is getting slightly better. So my lesson is that I make sure I do a good Stretch after a tough work out.

I played golf last week and shot a 89. Depending on my back I may play tomorrow. I will keep you posted!

Bye for now.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

August 12 Update


Ok it is summer but why not talk about some skiing ideas. One of the important parts to fast skiing is the balance transfer from left to right. It does not take a huge physical motion. It is a slight transfer that we do in our bodies. Think about how easy it is to loose your balance on a balance board. From side to side you can fall just with a slight shift of our center of balance. Remember that when you move from one turn to another. Shift that balance.

More soon!


Monday, August 06, 2007

Aug, 6 Update


Well, here is the dinner I made for Chrissy , her sister , Tajanna and Heather , Tajanna's friend.

Alaskan King Crab, fresh B.C. caught prawns, and spinach stuffed manicotti. It was Totemo Oiishi!!

Bye for now!


August 6 update

Well it is another sunny day here in Kelowna!

It is also B.C. day and a holiday for most on this beautiful Monday.

It is also Chrissy's birthday! She is sleeping in this morning. Makaiya and I have been playing waiting for her to wake up.

Yesterday we bought some floating tubes and drifted down Mission creek. Makaiya had fun and was very relaxing for us. It took abut 2 hours to ride down. my dad picked up at the end and drove us back to our car at the starting point.

On Saturday we had a dinner over at one of my friends house. We did have quite a few drinks. I was slightly hung over the next day!

Bye for now!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Aug, 1 Update


It has been such a great summer! Dry and hot! The fore cast is for the same , clear and sunny!

Soccer was good on Monday. We won easily 5 to 2. I set up 2 goals. No goals for myself. That's ok. It is a team sport that I love about it. Great exercise too!

Oh, the golf tournament was fun! My team won the event at -6 for the round. At the party they gave us a sleeve of golf balls and red jackets! I guess it is a tradition. At the party we ate steaks, chicken , prawns, salads and of course drank too much alcohol!

I am working on a reno kitchen. It is very challenging!

Well, bye for now.