Friday, July 28, 2006

July 28 Update


It has been so hot here for such a long time. Working during the day is so draining. Must drink tonnes of water!

I just got Accel's timers back from Browers main office in Utah. They are already to go for next season.

I did not get to do much training this week. Working very late at night. I feel guilty! I will get back into my routine next week!

No golf either!! I hope to play this weekend!

Bye for now .


Sunday, July 23, 2006

July 23 Update

Hello Everyone,

Is it ever hot here! 40 degrees C!

I have been a slave working on Kitchens. I worked right through the weekend. I will take 2 days off during the week though.

It was Our exchange students birthday on Saturday. She turned 17. She is having fun! Tajanna is also having Fun in Quebec!

We had a good dinner last week. There was a golf tournament at my dads golf club. One evening during the week the corse had a free dinner to the people of Kelowna. Roast Beef and salads. It was great.

I am still focusing on leg strength for training. That and stomach and back.

Good luck! Bye for now.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

July,9 Update

Hi again,

Ok I did not shoot so good. For 9 holes 43. I had to buy my dad a beer . That is our bet for the game.

I also saw Thomas Grandi will be racing again next year! Good news for Canadian racing. Allison Forsyth too!

More later.


July 9 Update

Konichi wa!!

It was a great day off! Slept in and went to my dads to take him a long ladder for his cherry tree. I then took him and Makaiya out to a golf club for breakfast. We ate on the clud house sun deck. Great food and view.

Then home to watch the World Cup Final. I was hoping France would win but not to be. I read a good article in a news paper on some of the Italian players. The players took part in a mental process called the mind room. The boi feedback equipement was invented by a Canadian company. "thought Technology"The players lie on a reclining chair, bodies strapped to the pre comp device. It measures brain waves,muscle tension,breathing , heart rate and so on. The steps they go through are to maintain their Ideal perforance state. The players watch thier games on video and see mistakes they have have made. They practice staying in thier IPS even during the mistakes seen on the video. I found it very interesting.

I am golfing tonight with my dad. I will let you know how I do later.

We had a huge rain shower this afternoon.

Bye Bye

Saturday, July 08, 2006

July 7 Update


How exciting World Cup Final tomorrow. I finally have a day off too. I have had to work weekends lately. I am pretty tired! I will start saying no to do some jobs. My family never sees me in the winter so I can at least take weekends off.

I have noticed in Japan it has been rainy and cloudy. Kelowna has been hot. we did have 2 days of thunder showers this past week.

Tajanna is enjoying her time in Quebec! Melissa the girl who is staying with us is also enjoyng! She is still a little shy but has come out of her shell a little.

I am going to help my dad tomorrow pick a cherry ttree he has in his yard.

Good night. Bye for now.


Monday, July 03, 2006

July 3 Update

Hello Everyone,

Boy, this summer seems to be going by so fast.

I am going to start a different system of training now. Heading into wieght training. Going for aroung 18 reps, 3 sets. I am still workimh on my core strength. I have some wieghts at home I am going to use. Squats , lunges, calve work. No arm work outs now for me. I am busy with work too. I feel leg work outs are what I would like to focus on.

Makaiya had her dance performance last week. They would not allow us to take pictures though. Bummer!

Tajanna is in Quebec now for 6 weeks, We havea girl from Quebec in the exchange. The first day here we took her out one my freinds boat. It was fun! I did a liitle water skiing. I haven't done that in years.

Bye for now.