Sunday, July 09, 2006

July 9 Update

Konichi wa!!

It was a great day off! Slept in and went to my dads to take him a long ladder for his cherry tree. I then took him and Makaiya out to a golf club for breakfast. We ate on the clud house sun deck. Great food and view.

Then home to watch the World Cup Final. I was hoping France would win but not to be. I read a good article in a news paper on some of the Italian players. The players took part in a mental process called the mind room. The boi feedback equipement was invented by a Canadian company. "thought Technology"The players lie on a reclining chair, bodies strapped to the pre comp device. It measures brain waves,muscle tension,breathing , heart rate and so on. The steps they go through are to maintain their Ideal perforance state. The players watch thier games on video and see mistakes they have have made. They practice staying in thier IPS even during the mistakes seen on the video. I found it very interesting.

I am golfing tonight with my dad. I will let you know how I do later.

We had a huge rain shower this afternoon.

Bye Bye

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