Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Japan in The top 16 World Cup

Good morning,

I am just getting ready for my work day. While I was doing so I was able to watch the beginning of the round of 16 game with Paraguay. I am hoping they can pull off a win! They have had a couple of good chances.

This past season I was given some Pondzu from a long time guest. He works at Kikkoman. He gave me 2 different types and they are both very tasty. I love pondzu! Thanks for the gift!

Have a good day!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

More pictures

Sorry ! The last pictures were not the best! Hopefully these will be better!


Weekend and new kitchen counter top


Yes, still working! During the week in Penticton working on the apartment. Then on our own house on the weekends.

Today we tackled the counter tops. The island in huge! We love it! The pictures show me spraying the contact glue, filing the edge to make it smooth and finished. The laminate looks like real granite! WE really like it!

We are going to my dads tomorrow to cut his lawn and cut the hedge. My brother and I are doing that. We are both doing well but miss our dad! Other than that maybe have a day off and play with the kids!

Enjoy the pictures!

Bye for now!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday's work


First of all Congratulations to Okumura San and Arigi! I wish you both the best for your life together!!

Second, yes, still working on our house. The lights are in and all the cabinets, installed shelves and some of the drawers. The Drawer slides are soft close. Very classy! We can install the hard wood floor now. My brother Rick will help me with that. Maybe next weekend.

Oh, And Happy Fathers Day! Tomorrow in North America it is a Day to Celebrate being a dad!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Install new kitchen in our house

Hi all!

Well, I have finished building all cabinets for our house. We are still waiting for the doors to arrive though. Also have to build a few roll outs for our pantry cabinets. It is looking good!

I am working a lot now so it is difficult to find time to work on our own house. Only weekends of course.

I hope you are all working hard to improve you body strength! Whole body! Legs, stomach back, and legs. All are vital to perform at your personal best.

Bye for now.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Apartment kitchen installing

Hi !

The kitchen company I work for in Kelowna put me on a big project in Penticton. It is an apartment building. So far I must do all the work by myself. Chrissy has been helping me though and has been very helpful.

We are still working on our house on weekends. We are getting closer to finishing. I have most of the new cabinetry installed. We are waiting the the cabinet doors to come in. I ordered those.

Bye for now.


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Making cabinets!


I am on to the stage of making the kitchen cabinetry. I am using Chrissy's dad's shop. It has been fun to make on my own, but lots of work. I have so busy between work and working on this project with the house. not much time for any thing else. Well, I have made time to play with Makaiya after dinner. We have been playing catch with a tennis ball. Of course reading to her in her bed before she sleeps. Here are some pictures from today at the shop, and my truck and trailer.

Bye for now.