Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Visitors from France!

Our family had a very nice visit with Tajanna, her boy friend (Sebastien), Mom (Nicole) and dad (Joel)! We all had a great time getting to know each other! Sebastien and Tajanna had to translate for us. They are here from France. Unfortunately, they must leave on the 15th of this month! We all wish they could stay longer.

They were able to do some fun activities while they stayed in Kelowna. Watched a Rodeo, went wine tasting, swimming and Kayaking, and took part in Chrissy's Birthday Party. It is great to meet such fun , caring, loving, passionate people ! We will always remember our time with them.

Enjoy the pictures!

More Pictures!

Renewal update

Hi everyone,

I am still working away at our house. I want to show you some of our details we have in lour new kitchen.

In our Tall pantry cabinets We installed soft close roll outs. We also have soft close hinges on all doors, and drawers. Even if you slam them they get to a certain point and softly shut.

On the back of our island the doors are push to open hinges. You push the door and it springs open . I did that so the look of the doors was just like finished backs. They give us more more storage space!

Today I had the day off at my normal work. I cut slate and fit them in our entrance. I am going to set them after dinner.

Bye for now.


Monday, August 02, 2010

Hi from Doug


I did play golf this evening. I have not played for quite a while. Was not that great of a game for me. I did not shot very well. I thought a lot about my dad. We used to always play on Sunday . Please all of you that have your parents still, enjoy the time you have with them!!

We are getting closer to finishing out house. We finished the hard wood flooring in our bed room this past weekend. Chrissy's dad said he will finish the rest of the drawers we need for our kitchen.

I will include pictures next time.

Good night!