Friday, April 27, 2007

April,27 Update


I hope everyone is having is settling into life after the ski season. Yes, I have here! In the spring there is always so much yard work to do. I also had this old van in my yard for the past 2 years collecting dust! I cleaned it up and plan to sell it in our garage sale this weekend. Garage Sale? Sell your used items in your home! People put ads in the local paper and put signs up on the streets advertising the sale. The sale takes place, Yes, in the garage of your house or in the drive way. They are very popular! Buyers for the sales drive around and look for things they want. Of course always asking for a cheaper price! The sales usually take place on the weekend. It should be fun!

So 2 years ago an old ski racing friend of mine became the editor of SRC, SKi Racing Canada! His name is Gordie Bowles. I took a few issues to Japan this season. The magazine is very good and has many good articles! In the latest it talked about the great season the Canadian National team had. The best season for top 10 finishes ever!!! Great job to all! They will get stronger! I also Know we will get stronger! Please take this off time to look at your past season! How do you feel when you finish a race? Are you overly tired? If your goals in ski racing are to win then please strengthen that important body of yours! Run , swim , bike! Longer, low, intensity work outs for endurance training! Sit ups and back work. Strengthen your core! ( middle body)

See what you want out of skiing! Fun, Friends, sportsmanship, Victory, respect, health! What ever it is for you. See it, believe it, Do it!

Bye for now.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

April 26 Update

Hello !!

I forgot to show you my glasses I bought in Oasaka. So get this, I bought 3 pairs of glasses with special UV protection lens for 11 000 yen. 3 Pairs!!!! With normal lens they would have cost
5 500 yen! What a deal! The Telephone # for the shop is ( 06) 6714 0464.

More later!


Monday, April 23, 2007

April, 23 Update

Hello every one,

It was my first game of soccer in over 5 years tonight. We won 4-2 ! No I did not score. I played mid field. I did run like a dog and got a great work out!

Oh, I also played golf once and shot a 86. Not bad for my first game of the year.

It has been warm to hot here ! Very nice!

More later!


Saturday, April 21, 2007

April, 21 Update

Hello My Friends in Japan,

I have settled nicely into my life here in Canada!

The weather here has been good lately! IT is suppose to be 22 C this weekend.

I have been doing some muscle training here. Running, sit ups, push ups!! Feels good! Mrs, Matsura gave us a gift before I left their hotel! It is called the XaviXPORT, Aerostep! It is very fun especially for the kids. Makaiya has been doing it and has been having so much fun, plus she is getting stronger! It is great because we all do it together. I would suggest it for all families! strengthen , challenge, support, fun, good building blocks in many areas!

I also went to a talk on positive thinking last night. I hope we can always work on our thinking in our everyday lives. Make a commitment to take control of your thoughts and feelings! Every morning before you get up, see what you want in your day! Only what you want! Now your subconscious thoughts may tell you other wise. YOU MUST BELIEVE AND HAVE FAITH!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

April,15, Update


No rest for me on the weekend! We did tonnes of yard work. trimming trees, cutting grass, cleaning the garage and so on.

This picture is of me piggy backing Tajanna and Makaiya! My leg training. Hee Hee! This is the season for endurance training. That's longer not so intense work outs to work on strengthening your heart and lungs. That's 45 minute to 1 hour work outs!

Bye for now!


Thursday, April 12, 2007

April12, Update

Hello from Kelowna, B.C. , Canada!!!

I am getting settled in to my life here. Lots to do around the house!! I am finding that I am a little worn down from the busy season. It would be nice to havea bit of a holiday! Maybe later inthe summer!

So I liked Okonimi yake so much I made some here. Chrissy liked it. Tajannas is working now so she can try it later. I will let you know if she likes it!

Bye for now.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April,11 Update

Here are some pictures from Big White Ski Resort! It was great skiing! Long runs and fast! Enjoy!

April 10 Update

Hello everyone,

I am finally back in my house!

After I left Nagano I spent one day in Tokyo, then went to Osaka to visit Family and friends. Osaka is a very fun city! and good food! well I think Japans food in general is the best! It was great talking to my cousins and seeing how many more relatives I have in Japan. I plan to leave from Osaka every year so I have a chance to get to know more of them! I did stay with Cagi San. He was a very good host and took me to many geat places to eat. Plus a great eye glasses shop. Great place!

I arrived home on the 6th, stayed the night in my house then went up to my home ski hill for 2 days of free skiing with my family. it was so much fun. Super long runs! You would not believe it! Nice and icey in the morning, you would all love it!

I have so much to do around my house. No rest for me!

More soon! Bye for now!


PS: The pictures are of my family in Osaka and some restaurants. More pictures next time!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April 1 Update

Hello Everyone!

Well, it is the last day of the coaching season here in Sugadaira! I am sad to be leaving but , of course excited to be going home to see my Family! I am very proud of every ones effort and it was seen in the looks on your faces and in your results! Nice job to all!

It is now packing up and cleaning time here at the hotel. Lots to do before I leave for Tokyo. I will unfortunately miss the team Rush meeting on Tuesday! Sorry ! I am off to Osaka to visit my family down there.

I am looking forward to the summer and doing a summer camp with the Accel junior racers! When I return home I will check to see where the best training will be!

Speaking of skiing I will be able to ski the last weekend of the year with My family at my home Ski hill Big White!!! I will take pictures and update my blog soon after!

Please keep that positive thinking going through out the summer and use it everyday !!!!

Bye for Now!