Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Takumi's Adult experience!

Hi again,

I feel that Takumi's experience in Canada has been a good one! He has been able to practice English, see Canadian culture, see how my family lives, and I have pushed him to experience the responsibility's of being an adult. He has shadowed me experiencing the different things needed to be done to live here.

Today he mowed our lawn for the first time. Something he most likely will not do again in Japan. He said it was more difficult than he expected. Something we must every week. He did a good job though!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend up date

Hi All!!!!

It was a relaxing weekend. I did not have to work which was nice!

Last night we had a Gyoza party. One of Chrissy's friends came over. I also made dessert gyoza. Awesome with ice cream.

Today I went golfing and Takumi was my caddy again. He is learning more about golf rules and manners. He played with Makaiya and I last week too.

We also went to Okanagan lake. Takumi went Kayaking again and by chance he saw a Okanagan Mermaid!!!!! Ogopogos friend I guess!

Bye for now!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Home stay Update

Takumi has been experiencing Canadian and our family's life style. We went boating on Okanagan lake and did cliff jumping last Sunday. He also was able to drive the boat! He had fun! We also went for a hike in Bear creek park. We did 3 sets of 2 minute leg and upper body work outs on the way. We also have more at home party's than in Japan. He said that is a big difference. We have friends or family over every weekend. He has come to my work sometimes. He has watched what I must do install kitchens and how long I must work. More soon!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Takumi's home stay with us!

Hi All! Here is some interesting news! Takumi Hasegawa is staying with us here in Canada. He has been working on his English, seeing Canadian life style, experiencing our family life style and seeing what I must do for my work. We have been talking about what kind of things he must do as a positive, contributing , hard working, adult. He has been helping me with my work sometimes and has improved a lot in a short time. Nice Work! He also caddied for me in a golf tournament last weekend. It was fun I shot 84, and 85. It was fun! In the evening we have been playing a spelling game called " Banana Grams" Good for learning new words. More later. Doug