Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dec, 21 Update

Oh Boy!!!

It has been way too long since my last update ! Sorry! Since my arrival here it has been non stop. I have been focusing on getting everything prepared for the season.

It has been warm here so far and there are not many ski hills open. We are lucky here in Sugadaira that they can make snow! We are able to train in poles but the runs are not fully open. I believe if it stays warm we can still do excellent training using more free skiing. That is where we need to focus more anyway. Make a strong technical base to take into gates.

Miho and I took part in a Rossignol ski test last week. It was great! We meet the top leaders from Rossignol France . I actually know one of them from when I raced Pro. He was also racing at the same time. He is involved in product management.

I am looking froward to seeing all again this season.

Bye for now


Friday, November 28, 2008

Accel Canada camp

今回のカナダ合宿ではターンの前半を徹底的に練習しました。低速で足首の使い方を繰り返し練習したおかげでターン開始時の自分の中のイメージが変わりターン開始時にバランスをくずしたりずれたりする事がなくなりました。かなりターンが安定したと思います。このシーズン早い時期に充実した基礎練習が出来てポールに入るのが楽しみです。またこの合宿ではスキーの技術面だけでなくチュンナップから大会前の準備気持ちの持って行き方まで盛りだくさんでした。ダグとこの合宿中おいしい食事を作ってくれたダグの奥さんに感謝です。あまりに美味し過ぎてかなり太りました。この体重増加もスキーにプラスになるかな? ゆうじ

昨年に引き続き一年に一度のまじめなスキー練習として、このウェイトアップじゃなくてベーシックレベルアップキャンプに参加しました。シーズンが始ってしまうとじっくり練習できないポジションの確認や股関節、足首関節の曲げ方、同調のさせかたなどを徹底的に具体的にビデオを見ながら確認・修正できました。こういう練習は何百回も繰り返す事が大切ですね。ここではそれができます。残念ながら練習しすぎて膝に水が溜まってしまいましたので帰国したらすぐに抜いて一ヶ月は安静にしますです。 mosmos

美味しいものに目がない私にとって、奥さんが作ってくれた美味しい食事+素晴らしいデザートの数々で日々幸せと加速度アップを感じながら…今年もスキーを楽しもうと思えるキャンプでした Shibaccch@Half Pint!

Nov, 28 Update


Yes, it snowed today! Too bad because the snow condition was actually better with out it. Yes, us racers liked the ice way more than soft snow. More speed, more movement, more fun! Every one did adapt to the change though.

Yesterday was thanks givings day in the US. As we always do we prepared a turkey dinner for the group. Hmmmmmmm... I guess Chrissy did the preparing! We all ate too much so after dinner we went for a walk to pack down the food. We need room in our stomachs for dessert.

I must say the group accomplished what we set out to do for the camp. Do a early, simple, balance change, roll both ankles in , and incline to make more edge angle all at the same time. They all look very smooth. I believe they all change their image of how to ski. They all say they feel like they are doing less and skiing feels easy! They all have changed how they imagine doing certain movements though.

Another point we have worked on is the image we look at ourselves. Do we picture others being better than us? The most important point is that we look at our selves as winners. That we are the ones that are strong, consistent skiers! We all need to make a pre race plan too. Plan our race day and training day out. What do we need to do to be prepared and feel confident to ski at our personal best. Make the plan, but if the time schedule changes we must be ready to change the plan on the fly. And do not freak out about it. Stay calm!

Ski tune up. Edges sharp , yet very smooth, bases saturated with wax.

Body warmed up, and stretched out.

Have a simple mental check list of things you need to do for technique and visualize them.

Control how you breath. In through your nose out through your mouth. 4 seconds in 5 out. When you breath in your stomach should push out, not lift your shoulders up! If you are nervous do this and only think of your breathing. You will be surprised to how it helps you over come it.

We can go over more later.

Bye for now.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nov, 27 Update


Another great day here! Nice and icy snow! The group had to think of their own warm up and mental plan for their first video run. And to be able to ski as they did the day before. They were all able complete their goal! Great pre race planning for all of them!

In the afternoon we free skied on the pole training hill. It was very icy and the slope is very challenging. Lots of rolls and terrain changes.

Bye for now.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nov, 26 Update

Oh, What a great day!

It snowed a little last night so the snow was soft in the morning. In the Afternoon the soft snow was skied off and we were down to the ice. That was better to ski on compared to the soft snow. More speed of course and more ability to move.

The Swiss and Austrian women s teams are still here training. They were skiing DH and SL.

It was our first day on GS skis. The guys had a tough time at first, but adjusted quickly.

We have been covering how to warm up our body's before skiing, ski tune up, pre race plans and of course technique. it s been a great camp so far.

See you soon.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nov, 25 Update


It is finally snowing here! It actually looks like winter! It was another great day of Training! The guys have put all of the different drills and have put them together to make smooth , flowing balanced turns. Looking good!

The Austrian team and Swiss teams were training today.

Tomorrow we are using GS skis and will start again doing some basics. Simple balance change, early ankle lock(both inside and outside ankles) and natural stance.

See you soon.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Nov, 24 update


There were less free skiers on the hill so we were able to have a great morning of training!

The Austrian team was up early training Super G.

2 other kids teams are here too.

Bye for now.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nov, 23 evening Update


It was a good day! We definitely need more snow. We are able to work on the basics though. Everybody had a great day in a simple position balance change. We are working on some balance boards to help with that training inside during the evening.

Tomorrow we are going to add some edging to the exercises. I feel all have made a mental image change that has made the changes come quickly!

I am looking forward to returning to Japan to train with all of you again! I expect great things to happen this season!

Nov, 23 Update

First morning was good! Sunny day and around 0 degrees.

We worked on solid balance changes left to right. With no edging now. Just solid position. No lateral hip movement. Simple. All guests had good training.

The Austrian team is here and we took a little video of them. . Simple position was seen in there skiing too.

More later.


Start of the Canada Camp!

Good morning,

Everyone arrived safely in Canada. The ski hill only has a little snow at the base of the resort . We will ski only on the top portion of the Mountain. We will be leaving for our first ski session of the camp. I will let you know how it goes.

bye for now.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nov, 21 Update

hello to all!

Well just a couple of days before the Canada camp starts. Not alot of snow snow far but Sun Peaks is to open this Sunday! I will update Daily and give you some details of the camp.

I have some new balance boards that I am excited for you to use. Great for correct Balance changes, initial edging, and a great image making tool. Makaiya, who has not done much for ski training, but has got a good feel for the basics.

Bye for now.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Nov, 18 Update


So the New "World 2009" and "2008 World Cup Winning runs" arrived today! I am excited to check them out out!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nov, 17 Update

Hello !!

Here are more pictures from our early New Years Party.

Bye for now.


Nov, 16 Update


Last night my family had an early Christmas and New Years party. I know it is very early! I am leaving soon for Japan so it is our way to celebrate together.

Since I am half Japanese and half Scottish we decided to have that as our theme for the food we served. When each person arrived at our house we gave them a shot of Sake out of wooden cups. They made a wish for the new year. For pre dinner food we served gyoza. Chrissy made special sparkling wine drinks with that. For dinner we ate prime ribs, mash potatoes, beans, salad,and Yorkshire pudding. For dessert Lemon pie.

Between Dinner and dessert I told them about the Setsubun festival. I printed a Oni mask from a web site, bought pea nuts and every chanted Oni wa soto, Fuku wa Uchi!!! All the kids had a great time! And Adults!

We all drank too much. Yes, Futsuka yoi!

Bye for now.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nov, 11 update

Hello everyone,

So today in North America it is Remembrance Day. At 11 am we all take a minute to remember all that have gone to war,and for what sacrifices they made for us! REMEMBER!

Good Night!


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Nov, 4 Update

Good morning!

It has been a few days now but On October 31st it was Halloween. All kids know it as the day they dress up in Costumes and go trick or treating. This is what the kids do. They dress up in their costume of choice. Then they walk around the neighborhood, knock or ring the door bell of the homes they stop at, when the person answers the door the kids say trick or treat! Then the person answering the door gives out the candy. This repeats all night until the kids have enough candy for the year! Ha HA! I'm joking! Makaiya does have alot of candy now, plus we had lots left over from what we did not give away. I remember when my brother and I were kids. In our family we were not allowed to have much candy all year. So we really wanted to load up. We went with one of my brothers freinds down town and ran from house to house. By the time we got home between the 2 of us w e had a garbage bag full of candy. My mom was mad we were late and shocked to how much candy we were able to collect. The next day we went to school we were only allowed 1 piece for school. My brother and I were so excited to go home a eat our candy! Well, we arrive home and we look but no candy!!! "Mom where's our candy" "over on the counter" We look. "um mom , theres only a little container on the counter, wheres our candy" My mom says. "oh, I gave it away and saved you what is in the container" "AHHHHH" Yes, we were mad! That story comes up pretty much every year.

Happy Halloween!


PS Makaiya is the Vampire!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Nov,2 Update


The weather here has been warm but is on the change for next week. Suppose to snow in the hills which is good news for the Canada camp. The Austrian Ski Team is starting thier training on the 8th of November. Hopefully anyway. Once it is cool enough they will make more snow. Here are a couple of pictures of the si run we use for the camp. Looking forward to seeing you there. The run is very long and great for free skiing. Enjoy!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oct, 29 Update

Hi guys,

Oh, I have been working lots lately. But I have played golf. I took the guys that helped me with roofing our house. They did help me save a lot of money. It was a nice day. Sunny. I did make a game plan. What I found was that I ended up trying too hard as the game went on. That is when I made mistakes in my swing. I did go back to being relaxed and played much better again. I shot a 81 , but it could be much better. So What I have seen is that I must check my feelings and body more often so I do not fall into old patterns. I think I need a better preshot routine. Next time I play I will let you know how it goes.

Another thing I have noticed is that when I play with someone better I often think about them and there swing or game. Then I loose my focus on my game plan.

The reason I share my golf progress is because I hope all of you make a plan for your ski race days, and training days. Focus solely on you and what you must do. From when you wake up to after the race. Why after? debrief yourself to how your performance for the race or the training was. How could you make your pre race plan better.

Bye for now.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oct, 24 update

Oh, Check out the exchange rate. I have not seen that for years. Great chance for a cheaper camp in Canada! I Look for ward to meeting those of you whom can make it to Sun Peaks.

Bye for now1


Japanese Yens to 1 CAD (invert,data)
120 days latest (Oct 23)
lowest (Oct 23)
highest (May 29)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Oct, 20 Update

Good morning,

When we went to Alberta we went with Chrissy's sisters family to a place called Trochu. The whole area is prairie land so it is very flat. Except when you come to this area. The road drops down to a river. In this area dinosaurs used to live. So in the cliffs of the river many dinosaur bones remain. And in one day we found some. It was very fun! Makaiya , Logan and Chrissy the found the best ones. Enjoy the pictures!

Bye for now.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oct, 19 Upate

Hi again,

So time is getting close to the beginning of the season. I have noticed that the exchange rate is the best it has been for a few years for you to come to Canada. Around 20% better. The past few years the exchange rate has been around 104 yen to buy a Canadian $. It is around 85 yen to buy a $ now. NICE! Just so you all know Sun Peaks Out side of Kamloops is the best early season training site we have ever used!! The run we mainly use is long. Around 5 km. And the perfect slope for our basic training. If you have high hopes to improve your basic skill I would highly recommend this camp. A great way to start the season!

We are again using the same Condo as last year. It has a full kitchen for Chrissy to do her home style cooking, and our own private hot tub to relax after our hard training days on the slope.

I hope to see you here!

Bye for now!


P.S. here are some pictures of our drive from Alberta to Kelowna over the Thanks giving weekend.

Oct, 19 Upate

Hi Every one,

It was a sunny weekend here in Kelowna! Very Nice! On Saturday we went with my brothers family to a corn maze. A farm that offers farm fun. They grow corn and make a section of it into a maze were you have to pick different trails to find your way out. It took us around 20 minutes to do that. We also bought our pumpkins for Halloween.

On Sunday I went golfing with my dad. It was sunny again. I shot 6 over par. Pretty good. I am down to 8.8 for my handi cap now. I think the way I am striking the ball it could go even lower before he season is over. I know the things that have helped me most have been goal setting and having high expectations of my end results! this one is a big point too. Not to try to hard to make a shot. Just like not trying to hard to make a fast run. I image the shot I want to make. A slight draw because it is a dog leg left. I picture the ball flight, I set my stance to change the swing plain. Take a few swings in rythme. Set up and make the shot. Almost letting it happen. Not gripping the club harder, swinging harder. Swinging with good rythme and timing my body movements together. Same in ski racing. Make a game plan, imagine what you must do, keep your body relaxed. Ski the timing of each course. The thing we must try the hardest is to look ahead and see the line of the course so we can time our movements properly.

I am looking forward to see you all this winter and increasing all of your ablitities to new higher levels!

Enjoy the pictures!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oct, 12 Update


I just have a few more pictures of our trip to Vancouver. we went for a hike above the ocean. It took about 40 minutes to get to the view point. I guess it it very popular for people to do. The area is called Deep Cove.

Bye for now.