Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nov, 16 Update


Last night my family had an early Christmas and New Years party. I know it is very early! I am leaving soon for Japan so it is our way to celebrate together.

Since I am half Japanese and half Scottish we decided to have that as our theme for the food we served. When each person arrived at our house we gave them a shot of Sake out of wooden cups. They made a wish for the new year. For pre dinner food we served gyoza. Chrissy made special sparkling wine drinks with that. For dinner we ate prime ribs, mash potatoes, beans, salad,and Yorkshire pudding. For dessert Lemon pie.

Between Dinner and dessert I told them about the Setsubun festival. I printed a Oni mask from a web site, bought pea nuts and every chanted Oni wa soto, Fuku wa Uchi!!! All the kids had a great time! And Adults!

We all drank too much. Yes, Futsuka yoi!

Bye for now.


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