Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Nov, 4 Update

Good morning!

It has been a few days now but On October 31st it was Halloween. All kids know it as the day they dress up in Costumes and go trick or treating. This is what the kids do. They dress up in their costume of choice. Then they walk around the neighborhood, knock or ring the door bell of the homes they stop at, when the person answers the door the kids say trick or treat! Then the person answering the door gives out the candy. This repeats all night until the kids have enough candy for the year! Ha HA! I'm joking! Makaiya does have alot of candy now, plus we had lots left over from what we did not give away. I remember when my brother and I were kids. In our family we were not allowed to have much candy all year. So we really wanted to load up. We went with one of my brothers freinds down town and ran from house to house. By the time we got home between the 2 of us w e had a garbage bag full of candy. My mom was mad we were late and shocked to how much candy we were able to collect. The next day we went to school we were only allowed 1 piece for school. My brother and I were so excited to go home a eat our candy! Well, we arrive home and we look but no candy!!! "Mom where's our candy" "over on the counter" We look. "um mom , theres only a little container on the counter, wheres our candy" My mom says. "oh, I gave it away and saved you what is in the container" "AHHHHH" Yes, we were mad! That story comes up pretty much every year.

Happy Halloween!


PS Makaiya is the Vampire!

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