Friday, November 28, 2008

Nov, 28 Update


Yes, it snowed today! Too bad because the snow condition was actually better with out it. Yes, us racers liked the ice way more than soft snow. More speed, more movement, more fun! Every one did adapt to the change though.

Yesterday was thanks givings day in the US. As we always do we prepared a turkey dinner for the group. Hmmmmmmm... I guess Chrissy did the preparing! We all ate too much so after dinner we went for a walk to pack down the food. We need room in our stomachs for dessert.

I must say the group accomplished what we set out to do for the camp. Do a early, simple, balance change, roll both ankles in , and incline to make more edge angle all at the same time. They all look very smooth. I believe they all change their image of how to ski. They all say they feel like they are doing less and skiing feels easy! They all have changed how they imagine doing certain movements though.

Another point we have worked on is the image we look at ourselves. Do we picture others being better than us? The most important point is that we look at our selves as winners. That we are the ones that are strong, consistent skiers! We all need to make a pre race plan too. Plan our race day and training day out. What do we need to do to be prepared and feel confident to ski at our personal best. Make the plan, but if the time schedule changes we must be ready to change the plan on the fly. And do not freak out about it. Stay calm!

Ski tune up. Edges sharp , yet very smooth, bases saturated with wax.

Body warmed up, and stretched out.

Have a simple mental check list of things you need to do for technique and visualize them.

Control how you breath. In through your nose out through your mouth. 4 seconds in 5 out. When you breath in your stomach should push out, not lift your shoulders up! If you are nervous do this and only think of your breathing. You will be surprised to how it helps you over come it.

We can go over more later.

Bye for now.


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