Thursday, May 15, 2008

May, 15 Update

Hello Everyone,

So During the coaching summit we had many different speakers. One was Allison Forsythe, Canada's best Female, GS skier. She had been out with a knee injury for almost 2 years. She has gone through many depressing days . Although her attitude now is very positive. She is still planning a come back! She is very inspirational. Her work ethic is great! Never wasting any time. Always looking to learn from what seems like a negative. Which is true! Her knee may be weak now, but she has been working full speed on the parts of her body she can. Another good point is that everyday day she takes 30 minutes to do image training. She actually puts her boots on and sees her self skiing the course. Moving , balance changing feeling every thing. She did ski a little last summer. the coaches were amazed and said she never skied better. She believes you can maintain or even improve through image training. I also agree! See your self as if you are actually skiing . You can also practice looking ahead. See the slope, the gates the line you want to ski. Happy image skiing !!!

Bye for now.


Friday, May 09, 2008

May 9 Update

Hello !!

I made it back safe to Kelowna.

It was a great coaching summit! Lots of great information. I will pass it on as the summer goes on.

My drive back home was strange. It rained ,snowed , and was sunny! I also stopped to visit some friends. Old ski racing friends. One of them use to race in Japan with me. His name is Chris Nakahara. He is a massage therapist now.

Also played 9 holes of golf in Crows nest pass. Shot 40. Nice way to start the season!

Well, bye for now!

More soon!


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

May, 6 Update


Another good day of meetings! We heard from many National team coaches. We are doing all the right things with technique! Also talked about safety ,along with many other topics. I spoke with Thomas Grandi. He is doing well and is Leading Alberta Alpine for his career. More meetings tomorrow. I will update again tomorrow.

Bye for now!


Monday, May 05, 2008

May 5 Update

Hello every one,

I am in Calgary , Alberta! I am attending the annual coaching Summit. It was great today! Lots of good information. A lot of it was guided towards young children. Which is good. It was very worth while coming here. 2 more days of meetings. i will give you more updates soon.

Good night.

I hope you all had a good golden week holiday.

Oh, and some great news. Ishizaki Kiyoko won the World GS masters, in Austria!!! Yes, she is a world Champion!!!!!! Great job!!! I am so happy for her! She has trained very hard in past years!