Thursday, May 15, 2008

May, 15 Update

Hello Everyone,

So During the coaching summit we had many different speakers. One was Allison Forsythe, Canada's best Female, GS skier. She had been out with a knee injury for almost 2 years. She has gone through many depressing days . Although her attitude now is very positive. She is still planning a come back! She is very inspirational. Her work ethic is great! Never wasting any time. Always looking to learn from what seems like a negative. Which is true! Her knee may be weak now, but she has been working full speed on the parts of her body she can. Another good point is that everyday day she takes 30 minutes to do image training. She actually puts her boots on and sees her self skiing the course. Moving , balance changing feeling every thing. She did ski a little last summer. the coaches were amazed and said she never skied better. She believes you can maintain or even improve through image training. I also agree! See your self as if you are actually skiing . You can also practice looking ahead. See the slope, the gates the line you want to ski. Happy image skiing !!!

Bye for now.


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