Monday, September 27, 2010

Hi From Doug

Hello Everyone,

I must admit I have neglected my blog. Sorry! I have been such a workacoholic. I am trying finish the apartment building off before I leave for Japan. I am half way through the 7th floor. 3 more floors to go. The top 2 floors only have 4 units compared to 6 on the others.

I hope you have all been keeping active to maintain or build muscle for the upcoming season. The ski season will soon be here. Being strong will give you have a better chance to ski faster and to prevent injury. Keep working on stretching too.

Bye for now.


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Trip to Vancouver

Hello all,

This past week was a fun one. Well a little work and fun. We took Tajanna' things down to Vancouver. Yes, she has found an apartment with her boy friend Seb. Chrissy and I were excited to help them out. We packed up my work trailer with all of her stuff. Chrissy had been organizing it all last week. After work on Friday we drove down to Maple Ridge (just out side of Vancouver) We unpacked the trailer that night. The next day Chrissy and Tajanna organized her things. Makaiya and I went back to school shopping.

The next day I golfed with my cousin and the others went to the Vancouver aquarium.

Also had a party with my cousins. That was fun too.

Bye for now.