Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oct, 19 Upate

Hi Every one,

It was a sunny weekend here in Kelowna! Very Nice! On Saturday we went with my brothers family to a corn maze. A farm that offers farm fun. They grow corn and make a section of it into a maze were you have to pick different trails to find your way out. It took us around 20 minutes to do that. We also bought our pumpkins for Halloween.

On Sunday I went golfing with my dad. It was sunny again. I shot 6 over par. Pretty good. I am down to 8.8 for my handi cap now. I think the way I am striking the ball it could go even lower before he season is over. I know the things that have helped me most have been goal setting and having high expectations of my end results! this one is a big point too. Not to try to hard to make a shot. Just like not trying to hard to make a fast run. I image the shot I want to make. A slight draw because it is a dog leg left. I picture the ball flight, I set my stance to change the swing plain. Take a few swings in rythme. Set up and make the shot. Almost letting it happen. Not gripping the club harder, swinging harder. Swinging with good rythme and timing my body movements together. Same in ski racing. Make a game plan, imagine what you must do, keep your body relaxed. Ski the timing of each course. The thing we must try the hardest is to look ahead and see the line of the course so we can time our movements properly.

I am looking forward to see you all this winter and increasing all of your ablitities to new higher levels!

Enjoy the pictures!


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