Sunday, October 05, 2008

OCt, 5 Update

Hello everyone,

So I was invited to play in a scramble golf tournament. I this style 4 people are a team. Everyone hits then we choose which is the best ball to use. Then we all hit again from that spot. Same for putting. My team ended up scoring -13. Good enough o win by 4 strokes. We each won 2 rounds of free golf with carts. Before the match we talked about our game plan. What we wanted to do during the match. Our goals! I did keep my own performance game plan. Again swinging relaxed and easy. I did hit the ball very well.

I love looking at human performance! And how we can be better. We all need to set goals of what we want. Good goals. Not only goals ! Expect these things to happen! Believe!!

Bye for now.


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