Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sept ,7 Update


It was a great day! Played golf at 7:10 am. I did play to my planned game plan. I struck the ball very well. I felt very relaxed with most shots and trusted my swing. On some shots I did try to swing a little hard and that is when I miss hit shots. Again trying to hard to hit the ball with more power. My short fall was definitely my putting. I did not have a very good feel for speed. So I ended up shooting a 90 again. I had 10 3 putts. That really stank!

After golf, Chrissy , Makaiya, Tajanna, and Sabastien went up to Big White. That is the ski hill where my mom lives. I made some counter tops for a friend of Chrissy's who is renewing her condo. I installed them , we went for a hike, and had dinner after.

Bye for now.


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