Monday, October 10, 2011

Golf Frustration


I would like to continue to share my progression in my pursuit of excellence in golf. I have been still practicing fairly often. Played 2 times recently. The first game was with an old ski racing friend of mine. I really wanted to score well and beat him. I ended up trying too hard and not swinging with lag from my shoulders and wrists. I released the club too quickly. I had a really bad game and shot a 90. My worst score of the season!! I was so down because I have been practicing so much. My focus was on the wrong thing though. Just like ski racing I need to focus on my own performance and not worry about my friend or other golfers or racers.

I played this afternoon and thought about a good pre hit set up, and a simple image of my shoulders, arms and wrists being rubbery or like loose hinges. ( so I would have more lag) The image and setup worked well. Solid shots all afternoon. Shot a 76! Best score of the season. I will try the same image when I play with better players. Mental preparation is key in any sport. The more preparation in as many areas as possible is key!!

Push to get strong for the up coming ski season!!!!! Running 800m sprints 6 sets things like that will jump start you.

Bye for now.


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