Sunday, April 07, 2013

Doug's return to Canada

End of the season for me in Japan. It is always a emotional time for me. I am excited to return home to see my family and Canadaian friends, but sad to leave my friends and family in Japan. It is an amazing feeling! I am so fortunate be be able to feel this though. It is a special oppertunity! Thank you, all of you! It was a excellent season in many ways! I am very happy with the style we have trained the past 2 years. Basic skill drills followed by regular gate training. Racers are able to focus on specific movements and repeat them at certain locations leading up to the course. Very efficient! I feel because of the basic drills many of you have increased your level of skiing emmensly! I know some of you want to start from the very top of the race hill though. We will do that at certain times only. Other great point are the great personal best race results I have heard about! I am so proud of all of you for your efforts! Super!!! Special Thanks to Ono San, the Takasawa family, Hotel Zonntaggu, Tsubakuro / Omatsu yama, our sponsors, Takumi, my Japanese family. I guess, ALL OF YOU!!!!! I am so gratefull!!!!! Bye for now!! The photo of the Japanese family are my relatives in Saitama! The Gai jins are of my brothers kids and my mom!

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