Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last Day of the Coaching Summit

Hello Everyone,

I am back in Kelowna now. My trip to Nakiska was a good one. On the Last Day I was in the GS group. The things the National team coaches were teaching us was the same as we have been working on. The Basics! A solid and quick balance change, separation between the upper and lower body, and moving towards the next turn with our energy. They did not really talk about looking ahead, but that is a must to be able to see the line ahead of us.

We also talked about knee injuries. ACL tears. The worst case about the ACL tears is that they are missed sometimes. It is very important to fix the Ligament before cartilage damage is done. The injury happens usually while trying to recover from sitting back, or from a very, quick twisting movement inside. Both are recovery moves. The twisting move inside is from a late hit of pressure after the fall line. The best injury prevention seems to be if we can stay balanced in the middle and to stay on line. Look ahead. If you tear the ACL you usually hear or feel a pop. There is little swelling, and difficult to straighten the leg. The outside back of the knee is the sore point.

Mark Sharpe , and other Coaches from the World DVD's were there. They are in some of the pictures.

They stressed that all should work of course on ski technique and body power, but also on being simply athletic. Able to move and adapt on demand and to any condition.

I am very passionate about mental training as well. I have been working on a Mental imagery audio session. I hope to share it with more of you next season.

Bye for now.


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