Tuesday, April 25, 2006

April 25 update

Hello Everyone,

I am back installing kitchens . It is so busy in Kelowna now. Many homes and new condos are being built. I have many companys asking me to install for them. I am helping my father inlaw now though. He has 3 kitchens waiting for me.

Last week Chrissy and I went for a run along a beautifull creek. It is called Mission creek. Anyway, we drove our car to the location and went for our run. When we got back someone threw a big rock through our back passenger side window. They searched through the car and stole Chrissy's purse, that she hid under the seat. Needless to say Chrissy was very upset. we had to pay $300 to fix the window. The next day Chrissy did have someone call in saying they found her purse. All of her I.D. was in it so she was lucky in the that respect. The lesson for us is to never leave any valuables in the car.

Time to go. Must instal those kitchens!


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