Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April 19 update

Hi everyone,

It was a hot day here in Kelowna 19 degres C!

Since I have been back in Kelowna I have been running before work in the morning around 40 minutes with stretching after. My pace when I run is so I am able to talk if I have too. Chrissy is also running with me. I run faster than her but often run back to her from certain mark points along the run. I want to be stronger for next season. You guys are getting too fast and may catch me soon!!! Well, and the season is long and I do not have many days off so the stronger I am the better. My focus now is to strengthen my lung capacity and heart. Longer runs and bike rides! I am also doing at least 100 situps of different types every day. Must Have a strong stomach and back for phase 3 of the turn.

I love ski racing for how it helps motivate me to be healthy! Mentally , physicaly, spititually , Lots of challenge and friends! Lets push to challenge ourselves I all areas! 30 to 40 minutes per day can make a huge difference!

You can all do it! Good luck.

Bye for now.


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sumomo said...

Hi Doug!!!!
I'm working in the hospital as a doctor and learning a lot every day. The work is very hard but very interesting! Next winter I hope to see you again but maybe it's very very hard. So when you come to Japan on summer or else, please call me! I'll go to Tokyo or anywhere if possible.

Now I don't run, but I keep bike riding for something refrsh me.

See you, my coach.