Friday, April 28, 2006

April 28 Update

Good Morning,

Ok, The past few mornings I have not gone for my run!! I have been going after work though. I personally like mixing up my routine. Also want to do some cycling as well as running. If any of you have bad knees or ankles cycling is the way to go. At least 40 minutes per ride. When you do your first rides it is a good idea to stay on flat terrain and "spin". Gear your bike to an easy gear and "spin". Higher repetitions! For the first 2 wekes or so. Build your endurance.

Still doing situps everyday. Just over 100 per day. I do not take any breaks for that amount.

Makaiya has started soccer. On Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ballet on Monday.

Tajanna is inanother play at school. She has one of the main roles. She has bee putting alot of her freee time into that. She has also told me she wants to come with me to Japan in the future. After she graduates from High school. She loves Japan! She once told me if she could be a different race for a day she would want to be " Japanese"!

Chrissy is Good! She has been exercising quite a bit and lost 20 pounds over the winter! I am very proud of her! Also watching what she is eating. She has helped me out installing kitchens the past few days. That was fun! She was very helpfull. Today she is preparing for a garage sale we are doing on Saturday. My Mom , brothers family and mine are doing it. What you do at a garage sale is put all the things you do not want any more. Usually in your driveway in front of your garage. People drive around on the weekend searching through many garage sales looking for bargins. Many times the things that are put out should be just thrown in the garbage. But sometimes there are good things. I will let you know how it goes.

Hope you have a good day.


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