Monday, February 20, 2006

Feb,20 update

Hi Everyone,

So far the season has gone by so fast! It has been very busy here at Sugadaira. I am very happy about that cause I get to see you all so often!

I feel the biggest change this year has been in how we are skiing our line! Many of you have had big break throughs in that area. Of course our technique is also vital to ski such a line. Which brings me to the next point. It is great to see some of you taking time to do free skiing to work on basic areas. I wish more of you would take time to do that for yourselves. Doing a varity of different skiing would help your overall performance. Powder skiing , bump skiing jumping. Please be carefull though if it is a first time trying any of these. Doing the varity of skiing will help you adapt when you have to during training or in a race.

I hope to see you soon!

Best Regards


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