Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nov, 6 Update

Hello Everyone,

So In Golf like in Skiing timing is key. At the top of the swing I was always rushing down trying to smash the balls cover off. Now I am taking a Full slow back swing, slightly pause at the top. Kind of like when you stretch a rubber band to the full extent. It slows and slightly pauses at the top. this is an important point. When I come down I am moving my arms and body together. The key for me is not to over power the swing with only my arms. Oh, My cap is down to 9.1 now! Yeah!!

Golf now is around 2000 yen per round. Pretty nice!

As I said before skiing has special timing too. DO not Rush to pressure the ski. The other phases come first. A quick balance shift to the new out side ski, lockng your ankle and knee inside, your body also falls inside, then power the ski after you make enough edge angle. Shoulders always level. I believe the biggest key is doing a 100%balance shift from side to side. With out a big hip swing!

Bye for now.


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