Monday, November 26, 2007

Nov, 26 Update


Today was the first day of GS skis for the main group. Yujin used my SL skis.

The Ski area was not crowded today. We had a great day of free skiing.

So our stance is Hip to shoulder width apart. During all phases of the turn. Before the edge change we move our hips up and forward towards the direction we want to go. As we do that our body and legs crossover and we lock both ankles inside the next turn. When we are locking the ankles in at the same time we are of course shifting our balance over to the next outside ski. Our body is inside the ski and we slightly pause to pressure the ski. If our line is on the right track that is.

SO the guys are getting tired!! We have been skiing hard all days, and doing many kinds of different drills.

More tomorrow.


The extra picture of Makaiya was from the summer. It was cute so I added it!!!!

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