Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Working out for better results in the winter

Good morning,

I hope all of you are doing well. We are good here in Canada.

Tajanna is also well in Oslo, Norway. She is a Nanny now for a family with 2 children.
She said she will return in September. She very, very happy and building confidence.

Makaiya is doing good. She is back in her normal school of course. She goes to Gymnastics on Tuesdays and will start junior golf lessons on Sunday. She too gained confidence from spending time in Japan. She is more confident in her self too.

Chrissy and I are still exercising everyday but the weekend. We do the work out either before work or after. Depending on the day. Working out at home is convenient that for sure. P90X from Beach body.com looks very good too. The workouts are done at home and do not take too long to do. Like I said before I feel great and have much more energy. Of course when I first started my muscles were very soar and stiff. Normal if you want muscle gains!! I hope you all push your self this off season to improve if the physical training area. It will help you mentally as well because you know you are stronger! Come on! You can do it!

My last golf score was 85. Not my best score but I hit the ball great! I have been working on swinging my body and arms together and smoothly. Also pinching the ball to the grass at contact.

Bye for now


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