Friday, June 05, 2009

10th year Anniversery


it was Chrissy and My 10th Anniversary this past May 1st. To celebrate we went with another 2 couples to stay at a winery called burrowing Owl. it is located close to Oliver. An hour and a half south of Kelowna. We had dinner in its 5 star restaurant and stayed the night in a suite. We had a fun and relaxing night there. The wine is the best in the Okanagan.

I have had 4 games of golf this spring. i have my handi cap at 9. Best score is 80. My goal is to shot regularly in the 70's.

I bought a new putter from Ebay. It is called Rife. They are very popular on the Senior tour in the US. I love it!

Bye for now.


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