Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jan,25 ,Update

Hello Everyone,

Hmmm... Another sunny great day of training in Sugadaira! We trained GS on #3 and #7 in the afternoon. Great for the guys here. The course on #7 was a speed set and it was a good learning experience for all. All racers were over turning and times were slower. I believe all got the lesson.

I also skied today and found a huge difference in turn shape and feel from one day to the next! It was because I changed my cant on my ski. When I did not have enough it was impossible to get enough edge angle at the beginning of the turn and caused my timing to be late. My line dropped and my time was about 1 second slower to the correct canted ski!!!!!! Another reason was the tune up of the ski. I corrected the cant of the ski and tuned it to base bevel of 1 degree and 85 degrees on the side. It was much better today and the time was cose to the same as the other ski. Also the cant of one ski maker is different to the cant needed on another ski maker!!!! Really!!!! One ski needed more than the other!

I will continue to look for your Canting needs in your skiing to make you a stronger skier!

And please make sure your boots are buckled down very tight. Around the top 2 buckles and the second one around the top of your foot. It needs to feel overly tight to the point of discomfort! Release the buckles before you ride the lift. If not your feet will loose all circulation. That is how tight they should be.

See you soon!


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