Sunday, March 23, 2014

Long weekend Update!

Hi Girls and Guys!

Sorry! It has been a while since I updated! The long weekend was busy! Thanks for coming out! The training was amazingly good! Super good snow conditions for this time of year. I am also thrilled with the effort level too. I think many see that the end of the season is near. I have been doing my best to teach basics, in specific technical drills! During the drills most are catching on, but are not able to take it over to gates yet. It all takes time! Just keep doing your best and your skill level will increase.

I still feel that speed and power will take most of you to new levels. Summer is approaching and that is the time to speed and power up! Fun!!! It is actually quite grueling! Success is not easy! It takes supreme effort! You can do it!

Here are some pictures from the weekend!

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