Thursday, April 05, 2012

Visiting Tokyo

Oh my Ge,

Life in Tokyo is definitely fast paced! I am happy to be coaching in Nagano during my time in Japan. I like the fresh mountain air!

I spent one night with my cousin in Saitama. Tuesday night! It was super stormy! I enjoyed my time with them. Machiko, Haruki and their sons Akira and Yuichi! They were the first ones to introduce nato to me.

I am staying at Ono San's house now. We are going out for Yaki niku tonight.

I leave tomorrow. I am excited to see my family , but sad to leave my many friends! I have a strong connection with you because of our united effort to improve in ski racing and enhance our lives. Please do your very best to improve your strength during the off season.

Bye for now.


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