Friday, April 27, 2012

Hi Every one, Looking back on this season, I must say it was an exciting one. I am very proud of your efforts! Big improvements in many areas. Now That the ski season is pretty much over for most of you it is time for preparation for next season. Increase our level of fitness. If we are stronger and quicker we of course will be faster ski racers. NO DOUBT! Areas to focus on. Core strength ( stomach and back ) , Increased foot speed, And strength! All of these exercises can be done at home! I will follow up with more information in days to come. I am pretty much settled into my life here in Canada. Over my jet lag, re connected with family, started coaching Makaiya's soccer team,organized my summer work, and basic clean up around our house. My cousin and a friend from Vancouver came to visit us. His Name is Russ Nomura. His friend Dave also stayed. They are going on a golf holiday. For a gift they brought a lemon meringue pie. Very tasty. Makaiya also took part in the Kony 2012 event last week. We are proud of her! Bye for now. Doug

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