Thursday, September 22, 2011

My progression in golf! Better coach?

Hi all,

I would like to share in how I have progressed this summer in my pursuit to improve in the game of golf. I am very driven to improve in a new sport. To help me be a better coach in ski racing. Yes , feel what it is like to learn new movements. When learning a new movement how I felt tense and they were unnatural. Overall to feel how you all feel in moving ahead in ski racing.

The basic position, set up and movements were taught to me by different coaches and higher level players. Although there were many subtle differences between all. Some were the same. Because of our body structure, body strength and flexibility sometimes the setup is different. To have the best chance to perform continue to work on body strength and also flexibility. I see many players unable to setup properly because of weak core strength and flexibility. Same in Ski racing. We need a strong core to be in a athletic position on our skis. Strong legs to compact our shins on the tongue of our boots, to bend our skis. Strong upper body to pull out of the start quickly. If you are not strong in those areas you will have a huge disadvantage. YOU will not be able to even have the basic set up on your skis.

Oh, back to golf. I have put in hours on the driving range. I wish I would have used video more. When I did use it I always saw something new. I felt good but when I saw my video it was so depressing. I looked completely different than how I felt. Releasing the club too quickly, a short back swing for example. Video is a great tool.

Another point is that sometimes I sucked! It really was hard on me. I just kept going though. More time , more practice, more video. But, practice doing the right things. Just don't repeat the same wrong movement. Check video, check in with your coach.

As for my scores. I did not play a lot of golf games. More practice than any thing. At the beginning of the season I was shooting around 85. My last round I shot a 77. before that a few 9 hole rounds. a 39, 40 and a 39. I feel a have made a huge improvement.

It is getting closer to the ski season. The time to really push on body strength and flexibility. Do your best!

More later.


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