Sunday, August 14, 2011

My First Amateur golf tournament

Hi all,

This past weekend I played in the Kelowna Open. My first tournament. I was very nervous first day. I did have a game plan starting hours before, warming up, running, stretching, light core work out, driving range. I was unable to really follow through with my plan. I was so tight, so my body movements were not timed. I shot a gros score of 87. Net score of 76. Today I was much better. I did the same warm up. Off the first tee I was more relaxed. Gros score 82 ,net 71! I also hit the pin on a par 3 missing a hole in 1 by 10cm!!!!!! I would have won $5000, if it went in. Bummer. It was an easy birdy though.

Makaiya was my caddy! She cleaned my clubs after each shot, and ball on the greens. She also helped me align my putts after I picked the target. She was awesome. Helped me make a lot of putts!

A great experience! Helps me feel how you guys and girls feel when you go into race. I look forward to entering more next year.

Bye for now.


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