Monday, June 20, 2011

Hi From Doug

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well! My family and myself are good.

In Canada I have not seen much news of the radiation leak in Japan. I hope the recovery is going well.

It has been a very cool and rainy spring in Kelowna. Some ski hills have stayed open much later than past years.

I have been training more myself this spring. I have been getting up at 6 am and either do a 30 minute run or 30 minute bike ride. During the run I do intervals at about 80% effort for 1 minute. I do 3 sets. My bike ride is a up hill climb for 20 minutes. I feel great! I Have more energy during the day and a much larger appetite!

I hope you are all able to improve your physical fitness this summer. Do your best!

Bye for now.


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